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Electric Zentrum, is a company specialized in the regeneration of high-voltage hybrid batteries, for much of the hybrid vehicles. Including hybrid batteries for all generations of Toyota Prius and Camry, the IMA batteries for the Honda Civic, Accord, Insight and CRZ, among other brands such as Nissan, Kia, Lexus, etc.

We make the regeneration of all hybrid batteries, being subsequently tested by equipment designed and certified for the purpose, within the rules in force in the EU (European Union).

A battery of a hybrid car works as an aid to the combustion engine, providing energy to maximize fuel economy. Keep your battery with maximum power with our maintenance plans. Because if your battery is with low autonomy, you will see your vehicle with less power and an increase in fuel consumption, and may in time become a permanent breakdown.



2 years warranty!

Electric Zentrum guarantees that the product complies with all European standards as well as the rules laid down by the manufacturer, thus offering a warranty up to 2 years, through the regeneration needs done and agreed in advance with the customer.

For more information please call the helpline +351 256 104 840.

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Visit our online store through the page www.techniczentrum.com, and keep track of all the products including, hybrid batteries, inverters/converters, cables , ECU’s, accessories, etc. Make the purchase at the time in a simple, practical and safe. In case of doubt please contact us.

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We have at your disposal the installation service, with the warranty Electric Zentrum. Or have partners who specialize in various parts of the country, which could help in the installation of hybrid battery in your vehicle.

For more detailed information on this service, please contact us through the help line, or go to our facilities.


The maintenance costs of a hybrid are lower than a combustion vehicle.

However we recommend to do preventative maintenance of your hybrid battery of 50.000 in 50.000 kilometres, so that its hybrid vehicle keep the power and performance at a high level, and always maintaining the low consumption.

We do review and total regeneration of your battery, getting response to any type of problems, since the wear to the exchange of damaged cells.

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+351 256 104 840

Precautions & Security

Batteries are stored for more than 60 days, are unused and with low power. Maintain your hybrid vehicle only with professionals. Because the voltage of the hybrid batteries is direct current (DC), carrying more power than the alternating current (AC).



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Warranty Electric Zentrum
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  • Battery removal
  • Battery installation
  • Complete cleaning of the cooling circuit of the battery
  • Configurations/Codifications from the battery to the vehicle
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Regeneration the MEASURE

Warranty 6 to 48 Months
Under request
  • Test
  • Cleaning of contact terminals
  • Cleaning and reconstruction of cabling
  • Customer cell regeneration
  • Service as required battery and customer requirements
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