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Terms and Conditions


Electric Zentrum ensures that the product will free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service.
The duration of the warranty period will be from the date of purchase until the time limit expires as described in each product, mentioning that same term in observations of the invoice.
If the battery is found defective in material, workmanship, or in the installation made by Electric Zentrum during the warranty period, Electric Zentrum will replace based on diagnostic trouble codes reported in appropriate machines and recommended by the manufacturers. When the installation is done by a third party, the Electric Zentrum is not responsible for damage caused due to incorrect installation.
The warranty does not cover any type of commercial use. If the product is purchased for use in commercial vehicles, see the warranty coverage applies to this service.

This guarantee excludes failures such as:

  • Improper installations, including the use of unauthorized accessories. Except when made by Electric Zentrum
  • Physical damage caused after delivery to the customer, including battery vehicle accident after battery installation
  • Battery exposed to unsuitable weather climates, chemicals or water
  • Battery discharged for poor performance of the engine, or by excessive engine start-up attempts to the point of damaging
  • Damage the battery by leaving the car in neutral while the car is in progresso
  • Damage or defects that may have been caused during transport, if accepted and is not mentioned any damage or defect of the product to the carrier at the time of delivery
  • Products that are stored for more than 30 days after date of invoice
  • Removing, tampering or damage to tags, including the opening of the battery, except when authorized by Electric Zentrum
  • Removal of identification labels/stickers Electric Zentrum
  • Any modification or amendment to the system of the vehicle which does not meet the recommendations made by the manufacturer
  • Reinstalling of hybrid battery in a different vehicle
  • Weak and careless maintenance vehicle
  • Vehicle conditions that may cause premature failure
  • Any condition that is beyond the control of Electric Zentrum

Warning: The hybrid battery can be damaged by failure to start the engine for any reason, including lack of engine maintenance, gas shortage, dirty butterfly’s body, etc. This type of damage is not covered by the warranty.

Important: In order to obtain the warranty of the hybrid battery purchased or regenerated it is obligatory to fill in the “Warranty Certificate” form, in which only after it is completed and verified by our team, a warranty certificate of the battery with validity of 2 years. The filling of the certificate of obligatory character, must be fill after 2 days maximum after receiving the battery by the carrier or after getting it on our store. In the mentioned form it is expressly obligatory to upload the original invoice secondary battery’s purchased recommended by the manufacturer and the photo of the same mounted on the vehicle. If the completed information does not meet the requested information, the warranty is excluded from the purchased or regenerated battery. Click here to access the form


Warranty service requests

Electric Zentrum requires fault codes (OBDII) must be obtained and communicated before any request/warranty claim. Will only be accepted/warranty claim Request when the request is accompanied by an error report with the fault codes and descriptions, vehicle data, and invoice issued on the date of purchase but also the repair report sent together with the invoice. Error reporting provided by us may have additional costs.
All reports with the fault codes will have to be analyzed by our technical department. If the codes do not correspond to faults to be repaired can have additional costs, or change the values.
To report a possible failure of a product sold or regenerated, please contact our customer support team on +351 256 104 840. They will help you proceed with the warranty process. The warranty terms mentioned above, are subject to change without notice by the entity in charge, Airbags Zentrum, Lda.


The company is not dedicated to selling new batteries. The company is solely and exclusively dedicated to selling used and regenerated batteries, meeting the warranty period of 2 years.

Upon delivery of the car to the customer, a battery warranty certificate will be issued, which should always be presented if the customer needs to file a complaint.


The hybrid battery installation in the car is not included in the price shown on the product or service. Our Pack INSTALLATION has included:

  • Battery removal
  • Battery installation
  • Cleaning the cooling circuit of the battery
  • Battery settings to the vehicle

The pack has presented the value of 250 € + VAT. The reference value is for a Toyota Prius (XW20) from 2003 to 2009.

We have installation partners specialize in multiple locations, which may help in the installation. For more detailed information on this service, please contact us through the help line + 351 256 104 840, or head to our facilities.

Cooling fan to the battery

Before cleaning:


After cleaning the circuit:



Regeneration BASE, reference price for a Toyota Prius (XW20) from 2003 to 2009, this pack is included a test battery, cleaning the contact terminals, as well as all the rebuilding and cleaning wiring, and will be regenerated all battery cells. In this process of regeneration if one or more damaged cells, will be reported to the client and if the client proceed with replacement of damaged cells will have an extra cost, this cost varies depending on the cell type and battery. When the client does not initiate the replacement of damaged cells automatically lose the warranty of 12 months.

In Regeneration the MEASURE, is made a test battery, and upon the customer needs and requirements imposed by the same, is made a budget and after approval should the regeneration. Upon customer requirements is made an evaluation and is given to the client the time of guarantee that can go from 6 to 48 months. All the figures presented in addition VAT at the rate in force.


Our price is only for Exchange. This means that you need to ship the old battery, so we can do an exchange for a new battery.
Customers who wish to avoid the battery, have the option to send in advance the old battery, or visit our online store or to trade him.

Any cell damaged to the customer’s battery to be replaced will not be returned to the customer as per environmental issues will have to be forwarded for recycling by the responsible entity (Airbagszentrum – Society Unipessoal Lda) by substitution.


Customers who make return of a battery by any error, mistake or just changes mind, will have 5 days from the date of invoicing. You may have a 20% penalty fee on the value of the invoice in order to make the return. Shipping costs already collected will not be reimbursed.
The return of any item must be sent to:
Airbags Zentrum, Lda
Rua 10, Zona Indústrial de Rio Meão, Nº356
4520-475, Rio Meão, Portugal